Alexandra Sutter
Founder and Managing Director
Alternative practitioner and nutrition therapist

“Sutter Müsli – daily “fast food” for a balanced diet that tastes good.”

I owe my love for local fruits and vegetables to my grandmother.

She devoted herself to her large fruit and vegetable garden. I took it for granted to have fresh fruit and vegetables available for the kitchen. I did not grow up with ready-to-eat products at all.

My experience shows that in today’s busy everyday life the human body often can not be supplied with the right food. There is a lack of rest and time, sometimes – e.g. traveling or on a tight schedule – also the opportunity to get proper food.

As a naturopath and nutrition therapist, I was often addressed on this topic. I would gladly have recommended a cereal as a quick, uncomplicated and wholesome meal, because cereal has always been part of my diet.

No matter what time of day, the cereal-fruit-yogurt mixture is prepared quickly, tastes delicious and makes you feel full.

In supermarkets there is an almost unmanageable assortment of ready-to-eat muesli variations – but most of them should belong in the candy aisle containing loads of sugar.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were ready mixes available containing only high quality ingredients and no unhealthy sugar?

I started experimenting and developed recipes with selected ingredients and healthy herbs and had family and friends try them. Everyone was excited and wanted more of my cereals. That motivated me so much that I developed the Sutter cereal: a variety of light mixes, quickly prepared and with health added value – your daily “fast food” for a balanced diet that tastes good.