The Müsli-Rösterei, in cooperation with Mrs. Dipl. oec. troph. Claudia Hitzelsperger, has developed seven new organic mueslis for children.

The children’s mueslis have a high fiber content of 9% on average, and at the same time a very low sugar and fat content of only 9% sugar and 10% fat on average.

The sense of taste is shaped and chewing is learned.

From the age of 1, children are gradually introduced to adult diet. The sense of taste is first imprinted and chewing is learned. This is why this time is so crucial for your child’s future eating behavior.

Chewing serves to mechanically break down food components in the mouth, trains the chewing muscles and prepares the subsequent digestive steps for food in a special way. It is an important first step in a complex chain of reactions.

For this reason, we refrain from grinding the ingredients of the mueslis and leave them as natural and original as possible. The consistency of the children’s mueslis can thus be easily adjusted with the milk content. If you prefer a porridge, let the muesli swell in the warm milk for a few minutes longer and you will get a wonderfully creamy cereal porridge.


The muesli varieties “Sweet Blueberry with Blackcurrant”, “Fruity Raspberry with Sweet Sultana” and “Delicate Chocolate Flakes with Fruity Raspberry” are each available in two variants, namely a more nutritious one with a correspondingly higher energy density and a lighter one with a correspondingly lower energy density. The different lines are based on the idea of taking into account the respective constitution of the child.

Due to the high fiber content with a simultaneous reduction of sugar, the energy intake is slower and more permanent, the feeling of satiety lasts longer. The fine unadulterated taste of Sutter muesli speaks for itself anyway.

We recommend the children’s muesli with cold or warm almond milk.

TIP for porridge lovers: Pour hot almond milk over the children’s muesli and let it swell for about 8 minutes.

Bon Appétit!