Arriba Nacional organic Cocoa Nibs


The dark cocoa nibs of the fine cocoa variety Arriba Nacional from the west of Ecuador have a strong and harmonious cocoa flavor. They come from the province of Los Ríos on the western slopes of the Andes, where they are grown and thrive in tropical climate. The fine cocoa variety Arriba Nacional is ideal for consumption in raw food quality due to its full and rich flavor. 100% organic, EC control system.


(4,20 /100 g)

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Ingredients: Raw Cocoa nibs of the variety Arriba Nacional (100%) from Ecuador. 100% organic, EC control system.

Average nutritional values per 100 g
Caloric values 2,348 kJ/570 kcal
– Fat
thereof saturated fatty acids
49.5 g
31.6 g
– Carbohydrates
thereof sugar*
4.3 g
2.1 g
– Fiber 26.9 g
– Protein 13.4 g
– Salt < 0.01 g

* Natural sugar content

Appearance, taste and nutritional values ​​are subject to natural variations.

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