Crunchy MÜSLI with roasted almonds & cocoa


Crunchy almond kernels, bitter cocoa nibs and sweet chestnut flakes combined with buckwheat, barley and oat flakes. Finely seasoned with galangal, stinging nettle, dandelion and parsley – this mixture guarantees a hearty, crisp start in the day.

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Ingredients: buckwheat flakes, roasted oat flakes, roasted barley flakes, roasted almonds (14%), cocoa nibs (7%), chestnut flakes, dried sea buckthorn berry, roasted sunflower seeds, flax seed, sultanas, coconut oil, sugar beet syrup, galangal (1%), dried nettle seeds (0,4%), parsley herb powder (0,4%), dandelion leaf powder (0,4%).

May contain traces of cashew nuts, hazelnuts, sesame seed and soya.

Average nutritional values pro 100 g
Caloric values1,948 kJ/467 kcal
– Fat
thereof saturated fatty acids
23.9 g
6.2 g
– Carbohydrates
thereof sugar
43.8 g
9.4 g
– Fiber10.4 g
– Protein13.9 g
– Salt0.1 g

Proteins contribute to an increase and maintenance of muscle mass and maintenance of normal bones.

Appearance, taste and nutritional values are subject to natural variations.